Digital Contact Tracing Technology (DCTT) for COVID-19 Pandemic Response taking care of your health.

Global Health Monitor centralizes everything that you need to take care of your health, safety and well-being against COVID-19. Testing, Symptom Tracking, Contact Tracing, Digital Immunity Certification, Isolation of suspected or confirmed cases in a complete and simple-to-use application.

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Free App Digital Contact Tracing Technology COVID-19’s response

Developed to help take care of people's health at all Pandemic Phases. Until everyone is well!

  • Understand the disease (Symptom Tracking).
  • Prevent new infections (Digital Contact Tracing).
  • Rebuild (Immunity certification).
Let’s go together to protect our health, restore and rebuild our lives?Download app for freeAvailable for Android and IOS* Only available in Brazil, soon to other Spanish and English Speaking countries.

We offer a powerful arsenal of features to win the battle against COVID-19.

Symptoms tracking

In a few steps, you can daily answer a small questionnaire approved by epidemiologists from the Butantan Institute to receive an assessment of your symptoms and take the necessary actions to prevent the spread of the virus earlier.

Application screens with COVID-19 symptom assessment results

Digital Contact Tracing Technology (DCTT)

We cross-check (anonymously) the geolocation data of COVID-19 cases, check if you have been exposed to suspected or confirmed cases of the virus over the last 14 days and send an exposure notification directly on your APP.

Application screen with notification that you have not been exposed to the virus

Immunity Certification

We have concentrated all the information regarding your vaccination against COVID-19 and also made available an assessment of possible adverse reactions from the vaccine for you to know what you should do.

Application screens with information on doses of the vaccine against COVID-19
  • Testing history.
  • Risk map by region of COVID-19 cases in your city.
  • List of Public Health Facilities closest to you.
  • Tips and news to keep you safe and informed.

Symptoms tracking algorithm jointly developed with epidemiologists from the Butantan Institute.

Our Symptoms tracking algorithm for suspected cases and adverse reactions from vaccination was developed in partnership with epidemiologists from the Butantan Institute to ensure greater reliability in the results.

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* Only available in Brazil, soon to other Spanish and English Speaking countries.